The Team

After a few months of growing my brand on my own and with the help of my amazing customers, I have now decided to take on "Brand Promoters". I have hand picked these ladies for not only their flawless work and amazing socail media presence but also for their beautiful personalities and great work ethic!

I wanted ladies who are all very like minded and have the same goals as myself. I have followed them all for a very long time and had the pleasure of meeting them and building up great friendships. My Brand Promoters will be on hand not only to share amazing ways of using our products but also to help where they can with queries you may have.

I'll now stop rambling on and let you meet the team.....

April-Nicole Wellington

I’ve been in the industry for 7 years (including my 2 years training) and my passion for nails grows each and every day. I am situated in a cosy and friendly salon in Cornwall. I am a lover of the creative side to nails and I’m always willing to learn new skills and adapt my techniques. Who doesn’t love a bit of art and of course glitter???!! Sonia has always been an idol of mine and being asked to be a brand promotor was such a privilege.

Favourite Nail Art Technique: Geode Nails

Favourite Glitter: Rose Gold multi

Janie Messham

I have been in the nail industry for 7 years this year. After training at Blackpool and the Fylde College i went on to take numerous courses to help myself grow as a nail technician. 
I work in a very fast paced salon & I also teach once in a while since i gained my teaching qualification back in 2016. 
Sculptured acrylic nails is my specialty at work, especially when i have a challenge on my hands! I have been following Sonia for a few years now so to be asked to be a brand ambassador for my favourite glitter company is so exciting!

My favourite nail art: Encapsulated blood rose

My favourite glitter: Janie's Gun Multi, White Silver, Rose Gold Multi (i cant choose one lol)

Natalie Mason

My name is Natalie and I have been a nail tech since I was 17 ( a longgg time ago) 
For the first 10 years it was more of a hobby but since having my second child in 2012 I have worked mobile and then moved into my home salon in 2017 (which is the best thing I ever did)! It’s a hard job to do but hard work is the key. 
I tend to work more on design nails and have a full regular client base; that and 5 children and a husband keep me very busy indeed. 
With nail products I’m not a brand hopper and stick with what I love, Sonia’s glitters being my only glitter supplier. They are far superior in my opinion!
The collections are complete and the ease of use is second to none.

Favourite nail technique: French 

Favourite glitter: The whole cocktail collection. If I had to pick one it’d be Cosmopolitan Multi.

Annie Greenhough

Hi I’m mani’s by Annie, and I have a glitter addiction, and I have no shame in admitting it! I’m new to the nail tech world & only have begun creating nails on the public since February 2019! But since the moment I started to look at inspo for my nail creations the Sonia Williams page has been my GO TO & once I knew I could by the exact same glitter she was using, I was over the moon. Then when I got asked to be a brand promoter & I have never felt so excited! I love not only the products but the support she gives other nail techs within her page & I wanted to be in a team that supports and inspires other techs!

My favourite glitters are cosmopolitan, golden rose & Ophelia.

My favourite nail art technique is glitter tip ombré!