Covid-19 Announcement

Due the Covid-19 Global Pandeimic there will be a delay with orders. 

How the panedmic has had an effect on me and the business?

As of March 2020 the Government issued a statement telling us we could not work as it was not safe to do so. As a Nail Techncian this devestated me, not only because of a huge loss of income but also just like many of you, "Nails" is my escape and my socail time. As a distributor this devestated me even more as I am a very small business and do not come into contact with others I could carry on working so did for a short while but then had make the hard decision to stopfor a short while due to Family illness and personal reasons. Once information had been released on financial help from the governement I had to make the even harder decision to stop working completely as any income would reflect in my government help. During this time I notified my Website host and was told the shop would be closed, unfortunatly this was not the case and orders have slipped through. These orders have all been packed and sent and had added extras popped in to each parcel as a sorry for the delay and a thank you for your support and patience. Personally this "Lockdown" has effected me more than I could ever have imagined. I have struggled massively with the seclution of it all, missing family, friends and even my clients. The hardest thing has been not been able to comfort family when weve needed it most. .

Will the website be open again and running as normal?

After weeks of tooing and frowing from local Authorities they have decided my business does not qualify for help so that being said the website will be back up and running shortly. Orders will only be packed and sent twice a week so please bare that in mind when ordering. Work days could vary due to family commitments etc. Email etc will be answered a little slower as orders will have first priority in my work hours.

I havent recieved my order can i have an update?

As said previosly all orders as of this publish (4/6/20)  have been sent and all have extras in as a sorry and a thank you for your patience. I understand everyone is frustated with the wait, I am just as frustrated wth everything too and promise you I am now doing everyhing in my ability to get your order too you.


Will there be new releases and restocks?

I will be slowly restocking all your favourite glitters and there will be a few newbies added but due to less deliveries and the economic climate new releases will be much slower than usual. Myself and my team had a full year of releases planned for your all but unfortunatly its all up in the air. We have a beautiufl summer collection which should ahv launched now but we are unsure if we will miss the timeframe due to not knowing when we can all start taking clients again. 

Final Thoughts....

I would just like to personally say a huge thank you to my loyal customers for sticking by a small struggling business in these super uncertain times and an even bigger sorry for any delays and problems us being "closed down" has caused. We will do our upmost tp ensure "Sonia Willams Glitters" is 100% from this moment on. I look forward to seeing and speaking to all soon.

Stay Sparkly...