Get to know me...

Okay so here's the boring, corny bit...

I just wanted to give you guys the option to learn a little bit more about me if you wanted to. Personally I like to know who im purchasing from, talking to and I think its nice to know your buying from a mother trying to make a future for her girls rather than some big fat cat counting their millions on a throne somewhere! That may just be me though, so if your only here for the sparkly glitters and best top coat in the world, then please just skip this page haha.


So, Hi.

Im Sonia obviously, I am 28 and have 3 little humans, all of the girl variety. I have an amazingly supportive partner who is literally the kick up my backside everyday.

I obviously enjoy all things nails and glittery. I mean what girl doesn't? We are just your average crazy little family, who love nothing more than a Disney holiday and spending our time making memories (when were not sat potting and labelling glitter until the small hours)!



I qualified in Acrylic extensions in 2013, I originally qualified because I needed a hobby, just something to pass the time and thought "yeah, nails will be easy!" Well how wrong was !?

6 years later I have my teaching qualifiction, I have won Nail technician of the year 2 years running and have 12 awards under my belt. I have worked alongside some of the biggest names and companies in the industry. I am insanely proud of my career so far and I cannot wait to start the next chapter and continue to grow!

Thank you all so much for following me, coming to my site and continuing to support me through my journey!

Love you all